Doll Vario 4 Axis Trailer with Wirtgen Willing Machine


Trailer is Standalone with own cargo
Cargo: Wirtgen Kaltfraese W2100
Weight: 37 tons

Authors: Roadhunter, Borsalino88


5 thoughts on “Doll Vario 4 Axis Trailer with Wirtgen Willing Machine

  1. It crash if you dont have install and doll_rotor trailer mod, because chassis.sii looking for shadow.tobj and ui_shadow.pmd into doll_rotor folder and folder dont exist

    check chassis.sii:
    extended_shadow_texture: “/vehicle/trailer_eu/doll_rotor/shadow.tobj”
    ui_shadow: “/vehicle/trailer_eu/doll_rotor/ui_shadow.pmd”

    you need to fix that if you want to use that mod alone 🙂

  2. apferreira truckman

    always liked the mods roadhunter, only this and the previous, in my humble opinion, is needing a review in texture, especially in the light, to avoid the lamp effect (it seems that accesses has a lamp inside the trailer)

  3. Valentino

    Please make for this trailer 2 beacon’s

  4. coolawesomedude4

    Make a trailer Pack of all the heavy Trailers you made 😀

    1. same here

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