DPD Garages Old & New

They are fully working garages with logos and AI vehicles parked inside, works well when you have trailers the same company as your garage. Works with DLC Scandinavia, Going East and Vive la France. Tested V1.27.

Kacperth Workshop, SCS Software


7 thoughts on “DPD Garages Old & New

  1. JohnnyBoy59

    But there is a wooden forklift in the big garage 🙁

    1. Yeah, There may be some glitches and texture problems, I can’t fix it because I am only a skinner :/

  2. thank you my friend for this.. keep up the good work..

    1. No problem 🙂

  3. Fonctionne avec la version steam
    Works with steam version

  4. Martin Edwards

    hello again my friend
    could you do a other garage for me pls
    its DBK LOGISTICS if you can thank you again for your help…

  5. Only one I’ve found that allows me to edit the company_board in v1.32. Many thanks!

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