Drivable Wheelchair

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Has mirrors, gps and dashboard.
You can buy in DAF Gallery.
Just for fun.

Metehan BİLAL


36 thoughts on “Drivable Wheelchair

  1. Top mod 😀

  2. Oh my god!
    Terrible. 🙁
    You’re sick.

    1. Metehan BİLAL

      It just for fun bro.

      1. You are still sick. Seek help ######.

      2. People that think that this is a great mod is ######. Why don’t you get a brain.

    2. Alexander

      …absolutely agree, need to see a psychiatrist…this is no respect to people with disability…


    1. Metehan BİLAL

      Not GTA 5, Silent Hills

  4. can’t find it anywhere

  5. so, how much can it haul … and does it need to pay at tollgates ?

  6. Does it work with sisl’s mega pack and support dlc special transport !!?

    1. I’ve tested and work’s perfectly Thx man but I can’t take any heavy cargo with that mod plz fix !!

  7. seriously?
    I do not understand how you can waste your time on this …

  8. Axoman Gaming YT

    Sorry guys, I had to do it, too much of an unusual mod for me not to. Video showcase – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LMCSg6ObTc

  9. goodperson

    Hahahahaaha, you made my day.
    Seriously, good work mate 😀

  10. falconeti

    Please, add coupling for heavy cargos.

  11. yeaaaaah!!!

  12. Just for Fun ?
    Good Work?
    You made my Day?

    It´s a Blame for all Persons with a Handicap. I am after a Accident with my Truck 2009 !!!

    1. Then this mod is exactly for you.

      1. Talk another way to him okay! Just get yourself a life and go play GTA or just go yourself IRL in a wheelchair !!!


    2. MovingTarget

      That doesn’t make you special.

  13. Heaven and Hell

    Well, so far i have seen cars, busses in this site and now this? Can your mod do things like these “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvodASNU58U” ? I think we should tell the administration to rename this site form Eurotruck Simulator to EuroWHATEVER Simulator, how ‘s that sounds?

  14. Mr.GermanTruck

    crazy Test Video…

  15. Oh my god!
    You’re sick.

  16. seriously? Hahahahaha…….

  17. Tony StanK

    Sir, you’re a Genius!

  18. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.32…

  19. mehrab rjl 8000

    what a nice and funny mod! 🙂

  20. GetOverYourselves

    So many snowflakes. This is just silly and hurts no one.

  21. Any trailer to go with it ?…Am I allowed to drive on the freeway ???

  22. Crazy…

  23. Arthur vince

    Put an inflatable doll in it, and the mod is perfect….hahaha

  24. Betty's Workshop

    Can I reedit it?
    add 6×4 chassis and taglift and tandem trailer hook lol

  25. Sorry, but from a person like me that is in a wheelchair this is not good or fun.

  26. автор – ты еблан! так и знай, просто отшибленный наглухо пизданутый хеуесос. такое говнище выкатить это же надо, шакал блять.

  27. Bluemanclarinet3

    please update for 1.34

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