EAA 4.1.2 + EAA Bus 4.1.2

eaa-1 eaa-2

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Adaptation of passenger and cargo transportation to patch 1.26.
DLC France is not required. Those who do not have 26 French, run the
profile. If you had started with France, that without it no longer
In archive two files, Map connect above Base.

EAA Team



14 thoughts on “EAA 4.1.2 + EAA Bus 4.1.2

  1. Congratulations on the Great EAA Map Launch for v 1.26 ……..

  2. Félicien Malisoux

    compatible with promods+?

  3. Lucasdriver70

    Very good map!!!! Congratulations!

  4. Андрій

    Не працюють пасажирські перевезення на автобусі тобто неможливо виконати завдання!

  5. o download vem com o fix para quem usa promods + rusmap ?

  6. Nice mod, but still a lot of lag

  7. Super ! Thank you , enfin un mod bus qui fonctionne ! merci pour le travail .

    1. Moi ça marche pas alors soit il faut absolument un dlc soit je sais pas l’installé

  8. compatible with promods ??????????????????????

  9. dont pack files too much in rar files more less rar packed is better

  10. I like EAA map, I use it as standalone, with no other maps.
    however I would like to be changed all brazilian companies because none of the trailers and cargoes pack work and all I can find in job offers are the default boring cargoes. please fix this!

    1. trucker1996

      I have the same problem all my trailers are white.

  11. What is the difference between EAA map and Brazil map?

  12. Please move passenger cargos in the bus station and how i must park the bus to make green cargo spot place to unload passengers

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