EAA BUS MAP 4.4 [Update v1.28]

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Designed for passenger transportation
The map has a variety of buses and passengers
Added several new cities and roads
Fixed bugs, updated some models.Added new billboards
Updated road markings, boards and signs

Tested on 1.28

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17 Responses to EAA BUS MAP 4.4 [Update v1.28]

  1. Pelletal says:

    No file ?

  2. welling says:

    EAA Bus Simulator 4.4: http://bc.vc/saxJ97X
    One archive. Tested on version 1.28
    Bus on the video – link to YouTube channel

  3. Dejan Igić says:

    Great job 🙂

  4. Gofer says:

    Map works with trucks? Is it just for buses?

    • Abinael says:

      No, this is dedicated to bus but has the same map dedicated to truck, if it is called EEA normal, you find in youtube with that name, in the video has the download link. Sorry for my english, I used google translate.

  5. Pelletal says:

    Super ! Thank you !

  6. BtheK says:

    Cannot pickup or dropoff passengers?

  7. Amr says:

    guys File not found ?!

  8. Mehmet says:

    need dlc tihs mod

  9. Jayden1234 says:

    do you get also a bus

  10. 4n0nym0u5 says:

    liln doesnt work

  11. RayFiftyOne says:

    Works great. Has a few bugs but I love it.

  12. Sajad HM says:

    No file . pleas reupload

  13. dh24580 says:

    Wo packe ich diesen Mod rein.Ganz normal unter Dokumente ETS2 Mods ?
    Wenn ich Singel Starte mus ich mir doch ein Neuen Player für Bus machen.

    Habs halt noch nie gemacht


  14. sojan chiramel thomas says:


  15. sojan says:


  16. sojan says:


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