EAA Bus Map v 4.2.07 [1.27.x]

Version 4.2.07:
* Fixed Some Bugs
* Added New Roads
* Edited Cities
* Adapted for 1.27.x Version

EAA Team


5 thoughts on “EAA Bus Map v 4.2.07 [1.27.x]

  1. Map crashed when I go in the freight market

    1. Me too. Map crash every time i visit a freight market.

  2. Quick query about this bus map, I have used the regular EAA Map with my truck. Am I correct in assuming you use busses to deliver passengers with a mod for specifically that?

  3. This is a special bus map with build in busses and passengers as regular freight. you don’t need any other delivery mod for passengers … but same here, map crashes when I try to get a job

  4. badotruck

    is the same here! Game crashes as I try to obtain a job !!!! Please correct !

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