EAA Bus Map v 4.2 FINAL

Version 4.2 FINAL:
* Now full compatibility to DLC Heavy Cargo Package
* File Heavy Cargo for EAA MAP included
* Fixes all bugs (due to problems with DLC France, Scandinavia etc.)
* Added several towns and roads in Brasil
* Updated some models
* Adapted for patch 1.27.2

Roberto Restanho, Jhonatan Siebel, Luiz Ferreira, Tonho Nunes e Filipe Sampaio


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5 thoughts on “EAA Bus Map v 4.2 FINAL

  1. siberianbear

    first READ then STEAL, bad ERRORS !!!


    I uploaded this yesterday, so who is projectX??!

  2. não é o “bus”

  3. FAKE BUS!!!

  4. Fabiano Ribeiro Lopes

    The map EAA-BUS isn’t released yet. The owner says in EAA official channel in you tube that only EAA for truck market is compatible at the present moment. God bless you all.

  5. No aparecen los Bus !!
    Quizá hay un error en el archivo subido.

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