EAA Map v 2.2

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The staff of EAA she released another fix for your map. So this fix causes increase the values ​​of own truck loads and should help make the employees to work making a profit and no loss.

Old Map should be removed from the mod folder and do not forget to activate the mod on your profile.

Author: TEAM EAA


14 Responses to EAA Map v 2.2

  1. Gyuri73 says:

    TSM-el kompatibilis??

  2. muppet says:

    CDT here, i have promods+rusmap+russian open spaces ; tsm+romap+baltic countries+rusmap+russian open spaces ; mhapro+romap+baltic countries+rusmap+russian open spaces.

    Works with anything?

    • Gyuri73 says:

      Szia Muppet.

      Esetleg leírnád melyik verzió jó együtt??
      Szeretnék egy jó nagy mapot összehozni.

      Előre is köszi

  3. dursun aydın says:

    tsm ile calışmıyor oyundan atıyor

  4. Bdoel says:

    map crashed,,,,

  5. Statebriga says:

    Map crash with PRO Mod 1.90 and RUS Map 1.4.8 without another mods.. Clean map crash…

  6. Bumblebee says:

    00:01:04.644 : [model] Unknown look name ‘brasil’ on model ‘/model/mover/flag_countries.pmd’
    00:01:04.644 : [model] Unknown look name ‘brasil’ on model ‘/model/mover/flag_countries.pmd’
    00:01:08.134 : Missing sign template sign_templ.eaaplaca007 Crash! Pro Mods + Rus Map + Brasil :/

  7. Angyalfoldi says:

    very good. thank you very much!!!

  8. tom says:

    this is the 2map was chrashed ! i understand why this team dont fix the maps ! test this team your own map?? i think NO ! sry my bad english.. 🙂

  9. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    I was able to complete a few deliveries with a couple of other maps connected with this map…….

    Sao Gabriel to Porto 2743km run
    (With the help of TSM v5.4)

    Mage to Geneve 1170km run
    (With the help of Mario Map v10.2)

    Fdoiguacu to Pleven 1416km run
    (With the help of Mario Map v10.2)

    Kuopio to Cacapdusol 1670km run
    (With the help of Mario Map v10.2)

  10. kisscool says:

    EAA Map v 2.2 + Realistic Lighting v2.4 = crash

    EAA Map v 2.2 + Improved Weather Reload r5.5.5 = crash

  11. symbyanalpha says:

    EeaMap crashed in truckstore

  12. Damciu007 says:

    EAA Map v 2>2

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