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Version 2.6.3:
– Addition of skins of TNL in Volvo and Scania
– Fixed some bugs
– Company correction Rodo Cristina in Rio de Janeiro


Author: Team EAA

DOWNLOAD 203 MB [4shared.com]
DOWNLOAD 203 MB [Sharemods]

11 Responses to EAA Map v 2.6.3

  1. Gabi27 says:

    Nice mod! 😀

  2. take says:

    password please

    • sunnoco says:

      Watch carefully the video presentation and you’ll find the password at min 9:14!;)

    • tatieli says:

      Oi restanho o mapa EAA 2.6.3 ta dando conflito com o map TSM, o EAA 2.6.0 ta tudo ok.

  3. sunnoco says:

    As always, an EXCELLENT job guys! Thank you for sharing and keep up the great and hard work! To support you, I already download this last version from your Youtube channel. Works perfect in 1.192.
    But, my request still remain: PLEASE, can you add in def/world/road_look_whatever_name_you_have_for_your_roads.sii, inside of it, to all country roads with continuous and double line, the statement allow_wrong_way[]: “”, because I like to have aggressive AI traffic, like in real life and with default statement, they’re so obedient on entire EAA (only on those roads, of course). Or, if it’s not too much for you, can you encrypt two version of your map: one as it is now and one with that statement (both encrypted, of course!).
    Thank you in advance and once again CONGRATULATIONS for this great add on map.

  4. Gyuri73 says:

    Köszi. Minden jó.

  5. klever says:

    Need password for economy_data.sii (no avanteeaa)

  6. Mash says:

    IT’S A CRAP! It crashes for no reason, lags a lot. I have visited two cities of this map, both ended up crashing in to the desktop!

  7. DarthVader says:

    This map TSM and rusmap with tried it not working…

  8. klever says:

    Map viewer parameter please.
    Need it for no damage.

  9. klever says:

    The scs archive compression is injured. Fix it please.

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