EAA Map v 3.2.2 (1.24)

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Adapting for 1.24
Fixed bugs

Author: Team EAA

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24 thoughts on “EAA Map v 3.2.2 (1.24)

  1. Vidmantas

    Cia naujas mapas ar veikia pridejus prie originalaus kaip papildyma?

    1. MycaGames

      The map is Standalone , you can travel from South America to Europe without problems !

      1. Blackspots

        Actually, you mean its an add on map. Standalone means you can only see this on the game map

        1. MycaGames

          Ok , thanks for the correction!

  2. When EAA For Bus (1.24) ?

    1. MycaGames

      This being reissued because of Def ‘s … ( https://www.youtube.com/user/mapaeaa ) o novo EAA (4.0) sera lançado dia 30 de junho e contara com 71 novas cidades!

  3. Martin Edwards

    sorry to say buy the map does not work at all..

    1. MycaGames

      Works but should be giving their conflict with other Mods.

  4. Thanks buddy !!!!!! for free and give joy so that we can make our deliveries and travel (fictitious), taking advantage, could help ha release adn bus map to see 1:24 and if possible put og 7 1200 6×2 with the skin of former Brazilian companies: Penha , Itapemirim etc ….

  5. installed without problems, games loading also – haven’t driven south yet, but do works so far – I’m using RusMap 1.6.3/TSM 6.3/EAA3.2.2

  6. finally…..
    i love this map, im waiting for this!!!

  7. It can not be to activate the mod, the new character I created. Látja.Nem can be set only at European emiat the térképet.Egyszerűen not see, and is activating. Help!!!!!!! THX.

  8. Im sorry. It can not be to activate the mod, the new character I created. Just see in Europe. You can not set emiat the map. We simply can not see, there is activating.

  9. Problem solved. THX

  10. sorry to be a pain but is there a map like this one or this one for 1.23.3

    1. EAA 3.2.1 works with ETS2 1.23.x

  11. EAA Map v 3. 2. 2 (1. 24) is not compatible with Promods 2. 03 crashes during the loading process. With the TSM Map 6.3 it runs without problems.

    1. well, if U check the gamelog U get the answer what causes it,
      and if u get THiS “crypted” map uncrypted, remove those errormessages from the EAA .sii-files and U wll have a working combination, I’m using latest ETS2 (

      Haven’t driven much around in EAA country, but no crash sofar

      Also a corrupted automatfile in this map, which could cause a crash in some places in Europe…

      1. i made a post at ProMods forum regarding these changes to be made…. check the compatibility thread

  12. not compatible with Promods 2. 03 , crashed loading

  13. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here’s a delivery….well a very fast delivery completed with the map.

    Picked up cargo in Calais
    Teleported to Cruzeiro da Fortaleza
    Delivered cargo in Dover 2052km Delivery Run

  14. Not+compatible+with+PM+2.03+Crashing+when+loading

  15. Bruno32600

    please , fix map with promod, no working

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