EAA Map v 3.2.2 (1.24)

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Adapting for 1.24
Fixed bugs

Author: Team EAA

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24 Responses to EAA Map v 3.2.2 (1.24)

  1. Vidmantas says:

    Cia naujas mapas ar veikia pridejus prie originalaus kaip papildyma?

    • MycaGames says:

      The map is Standalone , you can travel from South America to Europe without problems !

      • Blackspots says:

        Actually, you mean its an add on map. Standalone means you can only see this on the game map

  2. tanapon says:

    When EAA For Bus (1.24) ?

  3. Martin Edwards says:

    sorry to say buy the map does not work at all..

    • MycaGames says:

      Works but should be giving their conflict with other Mods.

  4. reinaldo says:

    Thanks buddy !!!!!! for free and give joy so that we can make our deliveries and travel (fictitious), taking advantage, could help ha release adn bus map to see 1:24 and if possible put og 7 1200 6×2 with the skin of former Brazilian companies: Penha , Itapemirim etc ….

  5. Robert Dee says:

    Good job man! 🙂

  6. Mike says:

    installed without problems, games loading also – haven’t driven south yet, but do works so far – I’m using RusMap 1.6.3/TSM 6.3/EAA3.2.2

  7. abdi9x says:

    i love this map, im waiting for this!!!

  8. radsan says:

    It can not be to activate the mod, the new character I created. Látja.Nem can be set only at European emiat the térképet.Egyszerűen not see, and is activating. Help!!!!!!! THX.

  9. radsan says:

    Im sorry. It can not be to activate the mod, the new character I created. Just see in Europe. You can not set emiat the map. We simply can not see, there is activating.

  10. radsan says:

    Problem solved. THX

  11. stewie says:

    sorry to be a pain but is there a map like this one or this one for 1.23.3

  12. Thomas says:

    EAA Map v 3. 2. 2 (1. 24) is not compatible with Promods 2. 03 crashes during the loading process. With the TSM Map 6.3 it runs without problems.

    • Mike says:

      well, if U check the gamelog U get the answer what causes it,
      and if u get THiS “crypted” map uncrypted, remove those errormessages from the EAA .sii-files and U wll have a working combination, I’m using latest ETS2 (

      Haven’t driven much around in EAA country, but no crash sofar

      Also a corrupted automatfile in this map, which could cause a crash in some places in Europe…

      • Mike says:

        i made a post at ProMods forum regarding these changes to be made…. check the compatibility thread

  13. Bruno says:

    not compatible with Promods 2. 03 , crashed loading

  14. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here’s a delivery….well a very fast delivery completed with the map.

    Picked up cargo in Calais
    Teleported to Cruzeiro da Fortaleza
    Delivered cargo in Dover 2052km Delivery Run

  15. K!lleR says:


  16. Bruno32600 says:

    please , fix map with promod, no working

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