EAA Map v 4.0

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Version 4.0:
* Adapting for 1.24
* Fixed bugs

Author: Team EAA

DOWNLOAD 445 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 445 MB [Sharemods]

9 Responses to EAA Map v 4.0

  1. KaterHH says:

    Thank you. Now compatible with Promods?

  2. Theosz says:

    os caminhões brasileiros continuam desatualizados funcionando somente até a versão 1.22?

    • CotoskiBr says:

      It’s a great map, have both my cities, of birth Londrina/PR, and what i’m living now, Joinville/SC.
      But I have only the same question here, friend. And the trucks? They’re amazing too…

      Tkx from Brazil.

  3. Bruno32600 says:

    hi, you latest version in conflit map : PJ INDO MAP v1.8

  4. Brkaluz says:

    compatible with mhapro eu maps?

  5. heavygamer70 says:

    Very nice map, but still a lot of bugs, found trees in the middle of the road, or a invisible wall on the street, imagine the crash……
    A lot work to do, but you’re on the good way.

  6. routier31300 says:

    the big #### , test before you put online , do not download , the game crashes

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