EAA Map v 5.0.6

Version 5.0.6:

Changing cities:
– Campos dos Goytacazes
– Porto Alegre
– Canoas

New cities:
– Guarujá
– São Vicente
– Praia Grande
– Itanhaém
– Blumenau

– Alteration of the BR-101 between Porto Alegre and Curitiba (vegetation, asphalt and viaducts).
– Alteration of roads in Baixada Santista.
– Added BR-470 between Blumenau and BR-101.
– Completion of the new BR-381 road between BH and João Monlevade.
– Error correction.

EAA Team


7 Responses to EAA Map v 5.0.6

  1. Brainiac says:

    You alreday have been reported and removed. It isn’t enough?

    • Fabiano R. Lopes says:

      I was in contact with Restanho, the creator of the map, there is no authorization to reupload the map link to other site with pages that redirect to make money, so thieves of hard work like this above will not pass.

      • BigJhon says:

        This site is an accomplice of all flights made! It automatically deletes the report! 3 reports deleted for me!

  2. felix says:


  3. felix says:

    can you change the download link from mods.to to sharemods

  4. BigJhon says:

    Fake uploader!

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