EAA Normal Map 3.0 Fixed


* Corrects the vegetation error in Petrópolis;
* Corrects the farm in Cel. lived;
* Adds lights, even reversed, in Bridge
Rio Ijui;
* Fixes discharge point in the Northeast now in Niteroi.

Team EAA

DOWNLOAD 660 KB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 660 KB [sharemods]

7 thoughts on “EAA Normal Map 3.0 Fixed

  1. Female Trucker

    Sorry but ! Still getting instant crash with Promods 2.0 and Rus Map, no matter what order I put your mods in, I have tried everything, still not compatible, works ok with TSM and Rus Map and also with MHA Pro and Rus Map, so EEA with Promods 2.0 seem to be a problem, please can you try to fix?
    Thankyou. 🙂

  2. i tried connecting this map with tsm and rusmap but it keep crashing my game.

  3. fix for promods when it comes out ?

  4. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. From playing the many different versions of EAA & EAA Bus maps, these maps don’t play nicely with TSM or ProMods. Usually, it comes down to a nice ‘modder’ to create a ‘fix’ to make EAA maps compatible with the other major map mods without causing a crash to desktop.

  5. …ver. EAA 2.8.3 works fine with ProMods 2 and RusMap 1.6…

  6. Nelson Burotto

    please fix the economy

  7. “unknown compressed method used in file”

    doesn’t work with ProMods/RusMap …

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