EAA Normal Map v 4.2.05

Version 4.2.05:
* Added Several Towns and Roads
* Fixed Bugs
* Updated Some Models
* Fixed Bugs & Transparent Walls

EAA Team


15 thoughts on “EAA Normal Map v 4.2.05

  1. Dutch-Wave

    Nice mod when wil it working with promods v2.15 ??

    1. Dennis_GER

      The eaa works perfect with a eaa-promods fix

  2. Work in promods+ rusmap+ sourher region map?

  3. With Promods? Balkan project?

    1. victor198134

      всё работает!

  4. with every available map….with some modifications 🙂

    thanks for the updates… all my discovered invisible walls are gone ….

  5. is the map working without DLC’s?

  6. Sotka_GER

    Thanks for update!
    Video in german is out now:


    Regards from Germany!

  7. I get only a plain trailer (white) and the default scs trailers while I have installed trailer mods like Jazzycat and Penguin

    1. Sotka_GER

      @Nalaj: I have installed penguin and roadhunter.

    2. Max Romeo

      I also get the same issue. Kindly fix this or tell us the order on which the mods are supposed to be installed. I will appreciate your feedback.

  8. Max Romeo

    Thank you for the maps. The maps are nice but I want some few issues fixed.
    1. When approaching bumps, the AI vehicles just pass the bumps as if they do not exist, kindly make AI vehicles also go through bumps.
    2. The money for jobs has greatly reduced, kindly revert back to the normal economy.
    3. What is the right order of installing the mods so that I can get the right economy?
    I will appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

  9. 1.27 can’t use this map mod@@

  10. does+it+work+and+the+names+of+the+country

  11. does it work and the names of the countries

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