Elance Skin Pack French Transport Companies V1.03

Here is a skin pack French transport company, it includes 28 different Companies, with Ai trafic Trailer.

New version is out V1.03.
Add 3 Companies, 7 trucks and 4 trailers.

Transports PO Scandex
Transports Rouille Coulon
Transports Deroo

Transports Delaunay
Transports Denoual
Transports Bourrat
Transports LTR Vialon
Transports Delcroix
Transports Bray
Transports Delisle
Transports Depaeuw
Transports Grimonprez
Transports Jacquemmoz
Transports Tmg
Transports Rosette
Transports Alaine
Transports Bert
Transports CGVL
Transports Chalavan & Duc
Transports Deret
Transports Desert
Transports Frévial
Transports Geodis Bm
Transports Geodis Calberson
Transports Landry
Transports Mge
Transports Tratel
Transports pech

More Pictures:

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4 thoughts on “Elance Skin Pack French Transport Companies V1.03

  1. excellent ses skin francais.

  2. oui j’avoue ! mais pour Deroo ils ont oubliés” Bils ” avant!

  3. Loris Magnier

    Super pack ! Y’aura t il Blanquart pour le prochain pack ?

  4. Does it work with 1.31 ? Fonctionne-t-il avec la 1.31 ? Thanx and have a great day. Merci et bonne journée.

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