Eldorado Map v1.2


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Eldorado map version 1.2

More curves, new places and different challenges. Enjoy the new version of the map.

-Ilha Rasa place.
-Pinheiros place.
-Sidow place.
-Itaipava place.

-Trailers mod.

-fixed speed of AI vehicles in and out of town.
-fixed several bugs visual on the map.
-fixed wrong way in places without traffic.

For perfect functioning of the mod you need the version of the game with the dlc’s



33 Responses to Eldorado Map v1.2

  1. BahamutX says:

    nice job man love your map hope you continue to update this into a large map

  2. stephen says:

    does this work with all other maps or is it on its own??? great looking map 🙂

    • Theosz says:

      this is a small and cool standalone map.

      Player will need create a new profile.

      in v1.1 almost all warehouses haven’t outdoor/logo. I hope it was fixed

  3. Borce_86 says:

    Realy bad map…trafic bugs…road bugs also…just sh!t

    • elvisfelix says:

      ok, then do better. People like you only know how to complain, you should know that each new version more bugs are fixed, and nothing is charged, everything is free to come a mothe……er like you talk ####!

  4. elvisfelix says:

    do not! You better shut up, this infecting the world talking ####.

  5. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Here’s a delivery completed within the map….
    Pinheiros to Morro Grande 194km run

  6. Loup_Blanc98 says:

    Good job, man !!! But there is a problem. the Enterprise Transinet (Tradeaux) is closed in the city of Portal. Do you resolve it, please ?? Thanks a lot 😉

  7. HellwigHolzBR says:

    Nice job, elvisfelix.
    Mapa quase que perfeito. Tem alguns bugs mas isso não é problema. Recomendo o download.

  8. BahamutX says:

    hey man there’s a depot in Vila Nova Esperanca with a Blue Gate that won’t open and I can’t get out to finish my job.

  9. chris says:

    What version does it work with? 😀

  10. chris says:

    What version does it work with? 😀 by the way looks nice

  11. F6runner says:

    Can you make a youtube tutorial on how to activate it please

  12. F6runner says:

    Can you make a youtube tutorial on how to activate it please on version 1.16

  13. airbusa320 says:

    how instal this?? help me please

  14. Kmk56 says:

    how to install this mod ? i couldnt find .scs file … Kindly help me .. 🙁

  15. Kmk56 says:

    how can i make that mod to work.. which file has to be copied in the ets mod file ??

  16. Abercot says:

    Também estou com dificuldades em instalar o mod. Ao extrair com o 7zip aparece as várias pastas e não dá pra colocar no mod do jogo. Agradeço pela ajuda.

  17. vietluong says:

    Great job man! I hope to see the updates.Thank you!

  18. kuko says:

    in what town is it??

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