Scania Stl Exxon Tandem Pack


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Exxon Tandem using the Scania Streamline
1 file – into your mod folder
Works with 1.16.x

Robert (Bobbo62)


4 thoughts on “Scania Stl Exxon Tandem Pack

  1. Hello Bobbo, cann I use all of your tandem mods in the same time? Thanks, great tandems.

    Sorry for my bad English!

  2. Please don’t apologize for you English, it’s good better than mine 🙂 To answer your question, you can’t at the moment, unless Flemming can tweek it, you can only play with one tandem skin in game. But hopefully someone can correct me – I hope.

    1. That’s true but you can set up a single profile and set up separate sets of tandem trucks and or trailers titleing them separately under the mod file and use a filing system keeping each separate for the same map mod file. You can then remove and replace each truck/trailer file separately as you change tandem mod files. I have a complete set of tandem mods using the same base profile only changing out the tandem sets as I choose.

  3. Thanks for answer!One more time, your mods are great.

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