Electric Drive for Volvo FH [1.27.xx]

Turn your Volvo FH 2012 into an electric truck with this simple mod.
Engine: 3500 HP, up to 500.000 Nm
Gearbox: 1-speed custom gearbox (Unlimited Top Speed, tested up to 360 km/h)
/! To start, place the gearbox in the EV mode, hold down both the accelerator and brake, and then release the brake.
Only for Volvo FH 2012. Compatible with ETS2 1.27.xx

03/05/2017: Initial Release



3 thoughts on “Electric Drive for Volvo FH [1.27.xx]

  1. j.w.fiolet


    1. PhaetonTDI

      I`m working on an improved version of the mod that offers a much more stable and simple handling, in addition to other improvements. In a few days will be published the new version of the mod. Thanks for trying it and give me your opinion!

  2. ets2modtester

    awesome mod! 😀 its much funnier to drive keep it up

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