Empty Heavy Cargo Trailer For Multiplayer

Empty Heavy Cargo Trailer
you can use on single player and multiplayer
Requirements: DLC Heavy Cargo

you dont allow reupload
thank you for using



13 thoughts on “Empty Heavy Cargo Trailer For Multiplayer

  1. A W E S O M E 😉 😉

    1. Please do this mod with zero tones

      1. Comming soon…

        1. iTzSplashed

          When you think you will make it Zero tons? 🙂

  2. many thanks man !!!

    1. great mod,can you make it weight zero ton ?thanks in advance

      1. 0 tons…. 0 kg’s ..then it will be light as a feather and fly away

    2. Your welcome❤

  3. dear person is there a way to buy the password on the files ? or are you willing to chare the password

    1. hello
      they dont need any password becouse i uploaded scs file you should just download the file and copy to Documents/euro truck simulator 2/mods
      now start the game…
      enjoy it…

  4. Please give code empty trailer?

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