Emtec & Basf Tandem Skin

Skin based on EMTEC (former BASF) tape company. Only thing mentioning is that only the tanker skin is BASF the rest are Emtec, enjoy.

Flemming V. for this amazing mod
paint.net for letting me making this skin easier
SCS Software for this amazing game
YOU people!

Modifying, editing, copying, reuploading strictly prohibited!

Wanna keep me alive with a coffee? you can do it here: PayPal.Me/VandallRTR

tyb33rk, SCS,Flemming V.


2 thoughts on “Emtec & Basf Tandem Skin

  1. Sorry, but I will say it friendly. 😉
    BASF Skin = zero

    You should know, that Cistern and Standard Skins
    must be made in a different Way.

    1. True, I’ll admit it but Emtec somehow just doesen’t fit in

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