Engine & Transmission for Scania T


New engines for ScaniaT :
960hp – 1120hp – 1160hp – 1500hp
New transmissions :
Top Speed over 200km/h
Top Reverse speed over 100km/h



7 thoughts on “Engine & Transmission for Scania T

  1. what direction do you plan on racing.it sounds like rear view racing to me in a demolition derby.

  2. This is not necessarily to race 😉
    A bit of power and torque when there is need

  3. a .scs version would be nice

    1. I can’t take a .scs with truck in a mod because i have a lower upload

  4. Dvizhki otlichnye! Gde vzyat’ takoy mod na Skaniyu T?

  5. It crashes the game when you start the engine ya ####

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