Eskolaite Skin Pack v 6.0

eskolaite-skin-pack-1 eskolaite-skin-pack-2

Preparing the Vive la France DLC with some french company skins.

– Skins for tandem trucks
– Spawn frequency by country (1.25x)

– Alloin (Tandem)
– Antoine Distribution (Tandem)
– Bovis (Tandem)
– Celsius (Trailer)
– Heppner (Tandem)
– Jacky Perrenot (Tandem)
– Le Guevel (Volvo FH16 and tandem)
– RAVE (Trailer and tandem)
– Sarrazain (Renault Premium, trailer and tandem)
– Sitrans (Tandem)
– Staf (Renault Premium and tandem)
– Transalliance (Tandem)

– Alloin (Trailer)
– Antoine Distribution (Trailer)
– Bovis (Renault Magnum and trailer)
– Delanchy (Renault Premium and trailer)
– Desert (Scania R, Streamline and trailer)
– E.Leclerc (Trailer)
– Etoile Routière (Scania R, Streamline and trailer)
– Heppner (Trailer)
– Intermarché (Trailer)
– Jacky Perrenot (Iveco Hi-Way and trailer)
– Lanoë (Trailer)
– Le Calvez (Mercedes Actros and trailer)
– Le Guevel (Mercedes Actros and trailer)
– Prodhomme (DAF XF Euro 6, XF 105 and trailer)
– RAVE (Renault Premium and trailer)
– Rouxel (Mercedes Actros, Renault Premium and trailer)
– Sanders (Scania R, Streamline and trailer)
– Sitrans (Renault Premium, Renault Magnum and trailer)
– Staf (Scania R, Streamline and trailer)
– Stef (Trailer)
– STG (Volvo FH and trailer)
– Transalliance (MAN TGX and trailer)

– Vanilla: SCS, ETS2Studio, MDModding
– Tandem: SCS, Flemming V

Author: Eskolaite


6 Responses to Eskolaite Skin Pack v 6.0

  1. Maxime Gms says:

    Thank you very much, for me the best skin pack of french company ever!

  2. WAXXG says:

    Juste génial, très bonne qualité et fonctionne parfaitement avec d’autres packs
    Très bon boulot!

  3. Arnaud says:


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