[ETS 2] DreamLand Map v1.0.5 / Winterland Expansion| 1:1 Scale

Dreamland Map V1.0.5 Winterland Expansion Released.
The game works for version 1.49.
This map was created in an imaginary 1:1 scale.
There are more areas to explore within this new version.

In this version, we have added the Winterland region, which SCS officially added to the game for the New Year’s event, to our map. I am presenting it to you, my valued players, after making compatibility adjustments.

To follow the current issue, please come to our discord address: https://discord.gg/jMJcK968Nt

v1.0.5 – Towns and cities – What’s new:
–The Winterland Region has been transferred from the original map to the Dreamland map as is.
–The feature of random bus spawning has been added to bus stops in cities.

In order to play our map, you must have all the map dlc. Otherwise, the map will not work, even if it does, missing road junctions will appear.
To play the map separately, it is necessary to create a new save.

You can also use the bus routes with the DBus Client plugin included in the Rar file of our map.

You can use the Google Drive link for updated images and you can access the images by selecting the appropriate release note.

OyunPas – (LeventYmz)


4 thoughts on “[ETS 2] DreamLand Map v1.0.5 / Winterland Expansion| 1:1 Scale

  1. Upload it on ModsUpload.com
    They are paying 5X more money than sharemods.

    Try and you will see amazing results 🙂

  2. Julien CADENEL

    il est bien guez ce mod

  3. 使わせて頂きましたが、ストレスしか無いので



  4. einfach nur schlecht.
    wenn ih nicht in der lage seid die traktion anzupassen. lasst es doch sein. erste kleine neigung und man steht. fürchterlich. delete und nie wieder.

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