Ets 2 Scania sound By Nelson


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Ets 2 Scania sound By Nelson

sound Mod change:
Air gear
air brake
start/stop engine
and more…

work with All Scania Series

Tested on 1.22.x



22 Responses to Ets 2 Scania sound By Nelson

  1. SlavikSD says:

    The sounds of Argosy. Authors: odd_fellow, MAKO 76

  2. CiceeX6 says:

    Good sound but my game crash when start truck! I don’t use any other sound mod… Scania 1 Series…

  3. DerTuerko says:

    Link for the trailer?

  4. Mike says:

    can you make the Iveco STRALIS real sound?

  5. Quent1_Fr says:

    Isn’t a real Scania sound

  6. Nelson2230 says:

    this is l6 sound not v8 🙂

  7. John says:

    Nice Sound !!

  8. Chris says:

    my game crash when start truck! I don’t use any other sound mod…

  9. matias says:

    en mi juego me tira errar al inicio una vez activado tu mod por que se debe ese problema

  10. matias says:

    someone can fix me because I really like that sound, THANKS

  11. matias says:

    in my game I start missing the strip once activated by your mod that this problem should

  12. christian says:

    game crash fix please

  13. Dalnoboishik says:

    It wasn’t succeeded to start fashions. to a sdelapyta this worker of fashions on version 1.23.

  14. Chris says:

    fix crash pleas i need this real sound =(

  15. Nelson2230 says:

    Put this mod on higher priority

  16. yankee71 says:

    the mod is rotten better to remake a file because it makes me play crach

  17. MAN E6 driver :( says:

    could you do this sound for the magnum? i use to drive an e-tech magnum with the 480hp 12 litre mack engine, and this sound is near enough the same sound effect

  18. Darkwolf86 says:

    Can you make this beautifull Sound for the new Version of ETS2 Please

  19. Tobias hofbauer says:

    Hello nelson a question and indeed why not go the sound mod?

    So if I start a neus game, and then I start and then I went in truck crashes the game from why?

  20. Nelson says:

    Next week i wanna release update for 1.23

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