ETS2 Evolution Beacon


Reuploaded with english link mediafire
Files unlocked

standa, D A W E, petr.voltr


8 thoughts on “ETS2 Evolution Beacon

  1. Hedegaard

    It seems like files are still locked..

    I love this beacon… But can you please make it for Volvo FH16 2013 and Scania T also…

    Thanks in advance

  2. it has been updated

  3. Hedegaard

    I cant use it for the Scania T and Volvo FH16 2013 🙁
    I tried to unpack mod… but it cant..
    Any good ideas ?

  4. Hedegaard

    Please disregard my last post..
    I found my problem…. I was still using the old mod and deleted the new…
    Sorry about it… I have succesful edited it so I have it on Volvo 2013 and Scania T as well…

  5. does this works on non-vanilla trucks?

  6. RangeAndy

    Unfortunately it’s not working with 1.15.1

  7. petr.voltr

    what reupload?

  8. Alexander Lindström


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