ETS2 Local Radio v 1.13.0

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Listen to real radio stations, from where you are in ETS2 and ATS. With over 600 FM and DAB stations available, you are able to enjoy the best Swedish radio in Sweden, and the best Hungarian radio in Hungary. You are able to easily switch stations using your keyboard and/or controller, and an optional overlay shows the current station.

Many maps are supported:
ETS2: Default, Going East, Scandinavia, France, ProMods, RusMap, Southern Russia, Project Balkans, Egypt Add-on.
ATS: California, Nevada, Arizona.

It is available in over 20 languages!



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3 thoughts on “ETS2 Local Radio v 1.13.0

  1. This is one of the best things for truck simulator! What’s new in this version?

    1. Fixed and added quite a few stations
      Added dark theme (thanks to Chickenbread)

  2. best radio for ETS/ATS (and of there is a station missing, you can always add it yourself!)

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