ETS2 MP Trailer Skin Mod Multiplayer

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With this mode, you can easily visit Scania Volvo and Scout Trailer Skins in Multiplayer.
Purchase the semi-trailer at SP and proceed to MP
Good Games.
You can watch the introduction video.

Bu Mod İle Multiplayerde Scania Volvo Ve Scout Dorse Skinleri ile rahatca gezebilirsiniz.
Dorseyi SP de satın alıp MP ye geçin
İyi Oyunlar.
Tanıtım Videosunu izliyebilirsiniz.



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6 thoughts on “ETS2 MP Trailer Skin Mod Multiplayer

  1. Have you tested this in MP with DX9 and DX11 yourself ?

    1. No

  2. Hi, man nice mod. Is this really okay to keep mod activated and visit mp? I want Scania trailer i see yesterday guys having it in mp but I’m not sure where they downloaded the mod.

  3. Great mod and working in MP with no problems. Scania and volvo trailers look very good. thank you

  4. nice mod i please do a triple trailer with this 3 skins for MP

  5. please add double trailer with this 2 skins for MP, thanks

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