ETS2 Real Emergency Traffic Pack v 1.0 by Cip

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ETS2 Real Emergency Traffic pack with beacon and personalized hookup sound for all EU countries

please read more about the pack and how to use it on my thread on scs forum:

Cipinho, Todor Alin, Piva, SCS


17 thoughts on “ETS2 Real Emergency Traffic Pack v 1.0 by Cip

  1. bonjour dois je faire un nouveau profil

    1. non, pas de tout ! j’ai déjà répondu sur YouTube je pense 😉

      1. Marc Ulfhedinn

        Hello Cipinho! Man, THANX SO MUCH! I loved your mod. Gave the game a lot of life. Is this not possible on the standard fire truck, is it? Congratulations for that! Really, really great.

      2. Marc Ulfhedinn

        Hey Cipinho, disconsider my question…I saw the fire truck…Ha!Ha! Good job, buddy!

  2. LOL…What a pointless mod! Traffic doesn’t move when they have flashing light and sirens on!!! Patient is going to die!!!

    1. That and the license plate slots depletion error remains unsolved…

  3. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  4. RayFiftyOne

    This mod could be great but is not. Emergency vehicles with lights and sirenes do not stop for a red light!! Makes it so unrealistic!

    1. leonpeonleon

      True. Only if the vehicles did not stop on a red light also that vehicles maybe can pull over to the side? So it makes it more realistic.

    2. this is the game limitation! scs did not add real emergency vehicles, they act as normal vehicles. however together with my traffic density mod emergency drive faster whenever they have the chance because I gave them a separate speed class.
      when scs will make real emergency vehicles my mod will be top rated on Steam 😉
      as for the red light, for the moment think that you are in Brussels! here I see many emergency vehicles blocked at red light because of some ###### drivers 🙂

      1. leonpeonleon

        Can you atleast remove the ATS ambulance? I can’t bother going in to the files and blah blah blah. It just doesn’t fit.

        1. read this to learn how to remove the ATS ambulance

  5. bimbo2704

    Fantastic mod ! Thanx !

  6. JOSEPH054


  7. can you make an ats version? its really needed! 😀

  8. Wiesniak

    are you sure it’s your mod?

  9. elpolloloco91

    In version 1.36 there’s a problem with ambulances with dlc in Italy and in France… they aren’t the correct model for that country… I don’t know if that depends on a conflict with other ai traffic mod (I use Jazzycat mod for ai traffic for example) or it’s a simply a bug

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