ETS2 Renault Magnum et Premium Sound By Nelson


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ETS2 Renault Magnum et Premium Sound b u Nelson
Mod Change sound:
Blinker sound
Gear sound
Air Brake sound
Reverse sound
Turbo sound
Engine Start/Stop sound



11 Responses to ETS2 Renault Magnum et Premium Sound By Nelson

  1. luis says:

    Good sound. What is the link of the truck?

  2. Nelson says:

    this is magnum by konx.

    • Zaharoff says:

      share,please,animated CB Radio and
      flavoring tree.I will be very grateful))

  3. Seylan Dayı says:

    Emeğine Sağlık Teşekkürler

  4. Nelson says:

    cb radio animated is from sisil mod you can download it 🙂

  5. Not a Renault Fan says:

    Thank you – Now the least driven trucks in my game will be driven a lot more because of this MOD.

    They sound like real trucks now.

  6. kisscool says:

    bonjour c est quoi le gps qui y a dans le canion ?

  7. Nelson says:

    Mod truck is by kmox
    Magnum update 1.36 with gps
    cb radio it from sisl mods accesoires

  8. Johnny Rotten says:

    What’s all this f**cking bullcrap music for, I thought the video was to demonstrate the sounds, how the f**k can we hear them with all this physecodelic music screeching in our ears, give it a rest, I turned off after 50 seconds, a complete waste of my time.

  9. Doktor_Psix says:

    Блин очередной шлако звук,ну покажите мне хоть один Рено с таким звуком,ну почему кто умеет делать моды и звуки делают такое говно….Блин кто бы объяснил бы мне как делать звуки я бы сделал нормальные звуки как в реале….

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