ETS2 Renault Magnum et Premium Sound By Nelson


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ETS2 Renault Magnum et Premium Sound b u Nelson
Mod Change sound:
Blinker sound
Gear sound
Air Brake sound
Reverse sound
Turbo sound
Engine Start/Stop sound



11 thoughts on “ETS2 Renault Magnum et Premium Sound By Nelson

  1. Good sound. What is the link of the truck?

  2. thnx.
    this is magnum by konx.

    1. share,please,animated CB Radio and
      flavoring tree.I will be very grateful))

  3. Seylan Dayı

    Emeğine Sağlık Teşekkürler

  4. cb radio animated is from sisil mod you can download it 🙂

    1. can you give a link to CB radio?

  5. Not a Renault Fan

    Thank you – Now the least driven trucks in my game will be driven a lot more because of this MOD.

    They sound like real trucks now.

  6. bonjour c est quoi le gps qui y a dans le canion ?

  7. Mod truck is by kmox
    Magnum update 1.36 with gps
    cb radio it from sisl mods accesoires

  8. Johnny Rotten

    What’s all this f**cking bullcrap music for, I thought the video was to demonstrate the sounds, how the f**k can we hear them with all this physecodelic music screeching in our ears, give it a rest, I turned off after 50 seconds, a complete waste of my time.

  9. Doktor_Psix

    Блин очередной шлако звук,ну покажите мне хоть один Рено с таким звуком,ну почему кто умеет делать моды и звуки делают такое говно….Блин кто бы объяснил бы мне как делать звуки я бы сделал нормальные звуки как в реале….

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