EuroKac Pack v 2.7.5

So, You are probably wondering what the heck is “EuroKac”. The answer is simple, It is my own fictional company in Euro Truck. At the start, this was my private mod. I decided to release it to the public because I wanted to see if this mod would go well.

– Requires Scania R&S BY RJL and nothing else.
– Liftable trailer axles will be added in the next update.

What this mod adds :
– EuroKac Tandem For Scania R&S By RJL
– A Few EuroKac Trailers
– The Cooliner 25 (EuroKac)
– EuroKac Scania R&S Paintjobs
– EuroKac Cargoes

Kacperth Workshop, RJL , Flemming V, Capital


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