Everthing Unlocked 1.31

“Everything Unlocked” This Mod unlocks all accessory parts at level 0.
I have fully redone the mod, It is based on a new extracted def file from V1.31

test work fine



7 Responses to Everthing Unlocked 1.31

  1. Koldaka says:

    The archives are from December 2, 2017

  2. Koldaka says:

    I can show you many files with that date. How many files can you teach?


  3. Koldaka says:

    It has not been able to have the detail of attaching to the gearboxes of the Scanias, (shift_time: 0.7), which is a novelty in v1.31.

  4. Koldaka says:

    aditya_oxygen; Now I am the one who demand that you look with your eyes. Mine see very well.

  5. Koldaka says:

    I do not understand the operation of this site. I expose the photos that show that the MOD is old, and they censor me. A round of applause for them.

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