Everything is free v2.12 FIXED


This is one of my oldest mods, but since newest game updates it has
stopped working. Now I updated it to work with latest game version!

Everything is free v2.12:

This mod gives everything for free. Really good for mod testing or
just gaming without limits.

– Ferries cost 1€
– Loans are interest free and you have 10000 day to pay them back
(basically free)
– Biggest loan you can get is 500 000€
– Selling your truck gives you 100% full refund
– Garage and garage update costs 1€
– No productivity plans on garages
– Fuel discount in garages are 99%
– You can instantly buy your truck online
– You can abandon job for 1€
– Damage in cargo doesn’t affect to the amount of money reserved
– Your cargo can be late, you don’t get any penalty
– No hurry up music
– Driver hire costs 1€
– Hired drivers don’t make any costs (fuel or salary)
– Hired drivers always find job
– You get more money from jobs
– Free roam gives you same amount of XP than driving job
– If you deliver your job late you don’t get penalty
– Perfect delivery gives you 100% bonus
– You get your parking bonus x100 (skipping the parkin normally gives
15xp with mod it gives 1500xp)
– No penalty if cargo is damaged
– You are not getting any police fines

Feel free to DONATE: paypal.me/maximate98
By donating I can continue doing mods!

Mod works with game version 1.26 and it doesn’t require new profile.



One thought on “Everything is free v2.12 FIXED

  1. Does it work for multiplayer?

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