Exclusive Paint DAF XF for all Trucks

Maud sets an exclusive color from Daf XF 105 for all tractors.

▶ Works in MP.
▶ To set the color of the need to go to the service station to use the most expensive color for the truck, and then change the cab, then the color set to the tractor.

▶ Set up only in the single)
▶ Do not need to buy a new tractor.
▶ In some color tractor falls sympathetic wrong.

Subscribe to my group in VK “https://vk.com/sky.mods” there I also post mods for ETS 2 and ATS multiplayer.

Black Sky


9 thoughts on “Exclusive Paint DAF XF for all Trucks

  1. that messes up with a head real good

  2. WHY. Knob head mod

  3. Why?

  4. TheGreenlightTrucker

    What the hell ?!
    Was soll denn die Scheiße ?!
    Nutzlos. Unnötig. Schwachsinnig.

  5. mikehackenbacker

    give him credit for his work all be it a little off,so i guess next its the DAF R730 or the MAN magnum or the renault tgx

  6. csakcsabi0519

    does not work

    1. see the hundred in coloring choose the most expensive and then apply the desired cabin for a tractor)

  7. RudeTrucker

    Just look ot the his avatar… ###### sports car! Well – that’s WHY! This kind of people can’t respect nothing. Everything is a game for them.

  8. No other words than… What a ####?!?

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