Ferry Connection for Maps: Promods2.45 and Southern Region7.9 (patch 1.36.2.x)

There are ferry routes to Galati (Romania)DLC RttBS:
Bralia (Romania) and Novorossiysk (Russia) – 9 hours 30 minutes on the road.
Novorossiysk (Russia) and Smardan (Romania) – 9 hours on the road.
as well as
Novorossiysk and Thessaloniki (Greece) – 16 hours on the road

The ports of Novorossiysk, Bralia, Smardan and Thessaloniki work both for the import and export of goods and cargo.
Price, travel time and distance are as close to real as possible 🙂

Routes using ferries are displayed correctly in the game, on the map and laid out in RouteAdvisor.

Connection with higher priority than all maps.

tested on patch

dobr4060, SCS Software, Southern Region Team


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