FFB plugin v 2.5 (30.01.2017)

Overrides game FFB for Logitech steering wheels. (ETS2+ATS).

Complete info (full readme version in eng & rus) inside archive.

Changes in v.2.5:
1) Bug fixing in lateral steering force calculations.
2) Lateral truck slope added to calculation of lateral steering force.
3) Steering wheel shakes when truck stopping is fixed.
4) Added additional parameters in ini file for those who using several controllers, to define exact controller for plugin processing.
5) Added additional parameter in ini file for recording debug info in log file.

Additional comments for params in readme files inside archive

Keep original DL link when sharing.



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6 thoughts on “FFB plugin v 2.5 (30.01.2017)

  1. willy1962

    can this be used for logitech drving force ?

    1. Yes

  2. Can it be used for Momo Racing Wheel and what does it exactly do ?

  3. When i turn and start to turn back, steering wheel loses all feeling for moment??

  4. I have a problem with ffb plugin v.2.5. It does not work with Promods 2.16 or EAA 4.3, but with Promods 2.15 + Rus Map worked flawlessly. YKS Team EU Turkey Map For Vive La France V1.4.5 works seamlessly. Alert http://storage14.uloz.to/Ps;Hs;fid=159367899;cid=270971915;rid=1437685850;up=0;uip=;tm=1497643434;ut=vd;aff=ulozto.sk;did=ulozto-sk;He;ch=5d249e538c2c276aa17c104b2c1f403d;Pe/!ScljkopODDrQ/error-ets2-jpg?bD&c=270971915&De&redirs=2

  5. I have been using this with 1.31 ver of the game with promods map and it was working great. Then they release a promod working with 1.32 ver of the game and I updated it,since then the plugin it’s not working as it should… While the engine is off it’s hard to move the wheel,like it’s working,When i turn the engine on,it unlolcks the wheel,but that’s it … after that i feel like it’s not working… can’t feel the bumps like i felt them with 1.31. With high speed it was going hard to turn the whleel with 1.31,and now,it’s so loose,not the same feeling… And I see there’s no updates for this plugin,so it seems either I’ll keep playing 1.31 with this plugin,or not gonna play it cause on 1.32 it’s not working,and I don’t like the default ffb in game …

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