Fix for 50k Wheels Pack [ETS2 1.35.X]

Fix for 50k Wheels Pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2 v.1.35.x

This fix update the 50k Wheels Pack mod to version 1.35,x of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

For it to work properly this mod must be placed just above the original 50k WheelsPack mod.

The original 50k_WheelsPack mod can be downloaded from the next link:




16 thoughts on “Fix for 50k Wheels Pack [ETS2 1.35.X]

  1. Bender0187

    What is version of 50K Wheel pack? I have 4.2 and your fix doesn’t work with Michelin tyres DLC and original tyres of games

    1. The fix is for version 4.2 of the 50k Wheels Pack mod.

      It’s strange that it doesn’t work for you with the Michellin DLC because I also have the Michelin DLC and it works perfectly for me.

      Check to see if you have any mod that is conflicting with this mod.

      1. Bender0187
      2. Bender0187

        *without mods

    2. Usually when I create a fix I check it thoroughly to prevent it from not working or causing errors.

  2. Canarinho

    For what is the Fix, what is wrong in version1.35?

    1. Hi Canarinho, the original version of this mod was for version 1.27 of the game and in version 1.35 there were some errors in the gamelog of the game as they were old files.

      All I did was update these PMD files to the latest version of the game to remove those errors that appeared in the gamelog.

      Friendly greetings ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Canarinho

        Ok, thank you for the info and for the Fix. ?

      2. Marc Ulfhedinn

        Hi Anarook! Man, THANK U VERY MUCH! I have this mod and i love it, but it was annoying to see those errors in the gamelog. Thanx 4 the great job and update it.

        Best regards, pal!

        1. Hi Marc Ulfhedinn ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it

          1. Marc Ulfhedinn


  3. thomas16

    il faut le mettre au dessus du mod de roue 50k wheels pack

  4. Whats the trailer mod on the picture?

    1. MooiWark1992

      That picture is from 50Keda, not his. It is, if I’m right also the DAF mod from 50K

  5. Thank you for the update!

  6. not working 50k tyres mod on 1.35

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