Fix for points of payment

This fix fixes a bug of the game, in which the trailer was damaged when driving some of the points of payment.
SCS Software still does not recognize the existence of this bug.

Game version: not lower than 1.27.

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10 thoughts on “Fix for points of payment

  1. “SCS Software still does not recognize the existence of this bug.”
    Because he does not exist

    1. Does not exist? Since Game version 1.26 I have experienced for several times, whenever I reach a payment station and drive through, then it is like you ‘crash’ into something invisible or – at least you touch ‘something’ invisible which as a result causes damage on trailer (grrrr!) and even on truck.
      So you see, this ‘bug’ exists in real! Be sure I know all the game versions because since a very long time I play with ets2.
      However I will test this upload and see what happens…

      1. i had the same bug on some payment stations, but only with promods 2.15 together with rus map 1.7 i guess.
        At the moment i´m running only standard map and run over 25.000 km now and i doesnt have any “soft contact” passing a toll gates.
        So i think its not an SCS problem.

        and the bug isnt a fiction^^

        1. Thanks for your comment. I want to add, that especially with RusMap 1.7.x and ProMods 2.12 (I don’t use 2.15 because of missing DLC France) the ‘touchings’ happened in the toll gates between Berlin and Warszawa.
          Actually I only use the vanilly map of game v1.27.1.2. And there was such a ‘soft touch’ for one time and I think it was anywhere between Berlin and Warszawa.
          Maybe it has something to do with ‘collision area’ near buildings or whatever……

          1. One solution I have found: I need to drive through the gates with less than 10 km/h. By this I was able to avoid damage.

  2. yes i know this issue too. but its not always reproducible.

    i will try this mod. 🙂

  3. [email protected] – Short note here – Since I have your mod in use, I can say after longer testing, that there is no any collision anymore when passing toll gates! So my big thanks again….

    1. Thanks for feedback. I hope SCS will ever fix this bug.

  4. Hey [email protected], Please update in 1.28.1!

  5. [model] No skinning support for ‘/automat/cd/63e23c5d4a5b73a4a95ade08fe1690e0aea161.mat’ requested by ‘/prefab/tollgate/tollgate_a2_poland/tollgate_anim.pmg’.

    it’s because to game crashed… so Tollgate texture not found! please bug fix Tollgate Poland!

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