Fix for Truck Volvo FH 2009 Classic v 1.0

Fix for truck Volvo FH 2009 Classic on the game version 1.31.x – 1.32.x
Put above the main mode



5 Responses to Fix for Truck Volvo FH 2009 Classic v 1.0

  1. zoso says:

    There is also the latest version is 19.0 (for ets2 v 1.28)

    • Xiao Qunlong says:

      Actually 19.0 is corresponding to 1.31

      • Zeros says:

        Actually the mod from the link is the version from Pendragon and replaces the in game Volvo FH2009…..the fix mod is for the stanalone version of Ohahas Volvo FH2009 Classic

      • zoso says:

        I only reported the latest original Ohaha version
        you did well to also report this version, but the fix serves little
        su 1.32 does not solve other problems and no has support cables.

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