Fix TSM + Kazakhstan

Mod for connection TSM 6.6.1 + Great Steppe Map 1.02 (+ RusMap)
Hight priority.



2 Responses to Fix TSM + Kazakhstan

  1. Luki35 says:

    Przy ktorej mapie. ma byc ten fix ustawiony

  2. gerd_e says:

    There is no need of a ‘connection’ fix. I have TSM 6.6.1 and Great Steppe 1.02 + RusMap in use. It works fine. I’m just on a trip from Atyrau, Kazakhstan to Bari, Italy = approx 4.900km length!!!
    There is no problem with the map.
    And in general, SlavikSD, you should explain already in your description what the ‘fix’ is fixing, okay?
    See my longer statement regarding load-order here:

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