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Fixed Volvo FH Tandem 1.7.1


Fixed tandem trailer collision bug,now you can attach trailer and go
without crashes with asphalt. Truck hood now are in interior and
Works with 1.7.1

Dadus,Ventyres,Volk_86, Nik_1MTK, Alvel.ElwoodWilkinson(Daniil).


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12 Responses to Fixed Volvo FH Tandem 1.7.1

  1. TheEditionCentral says:

    it still has loads of problems,when you have 6×6 on the back with a trailer the wheels lift up and dont get traction,also the trailers lift the back up to much so when you go around a corner the back just spins out and you end up with 100% damage

  2. Aurustas says:

    i don’t found a load..

  3. Cathav_ says:

    i don’t found the truck … not in volvo dealer ship

  4. conair says:

    Man kann den Anhänger nicht ziehen keine Leistung . Ansonsten sehr schöner Mod

  5. AD23 says:

    looks mean bro, havent seen to many truck and trailer units for this! will test and respond

  6. henkie w says:

    trailer lift the truck up, cant drive

  7. Rocket455Man says:


    Could you make a big Finnish and Swedish full trailer combinations?

    Therefore 76 tonnes 21.25 m long and 4.4 m high.

    Link: http://www.koneporssi.com/uutiset/76-tonnisella-tien-paalla/


  8. cata says:

    gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFMyt_XmsCw
    game version 1.7.0s
    pro mod+going east dlc

  9. Nathan says:

    First Nice looking truck got it in the game and must say it is very good! (Find the truck in any Volvo dealership not in the UK )

    BUT my problem is where do I find the trailer for this truck? any help anyone?

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