Flour Trailer

The trailer is autonomous, registered in all companies and in traffic, weight 24 tons.



5 thoughts on “Flour Trailer

  1. What do you want to represent with this skin?
    Have you read the forum rules?

  2. 7367Network

    WEED!!! Lol

    1. thanks for the information, but I smoked enough
      now I do not want to hear anymore about this
      and I would not recommend anyone to use drugs.
      But the boy created another skin like this

      1. the boy is talking, unlike some, I have never smoked cigars before, and this I did for myself for my card for a joke here and decided to share people and not what you think

        1. Ok, but I think it’s not a good thing in this forum
          there are many passionate kids in the game.
          However, I did not hurt you

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