Ford Transit Megapack Global Design 1.43 ETS2

Paintable Bumpers
1:1 Real Interiors
5 Chassis Options
Special Trailers for Vehicles
Ao Baked and Fps Friendly
Real Plates
The Physics Closest to Reality
1:1 Car Engines
Openable Windows
Own Loads
Escort Version
Thermo, Curtain and Truck Chassis
Real Headlight Options
Ao Baked Interiors

Global Design Official


14 thoughts on “Ford Transit Megapack Global Design 1.43 ETS2

  1. seth_haveron

    Leaked Paymod

    as every Turkish Scummod comes with a fload of Errors

    Skoda sound for Engine
    Truck horn
    20 Ton cargo for the bugged trailers
    Drivers Mirror dont work
    Backing cam are upside down and way to small
    The collision model are a joke
    Position Marker dont work
    reflections are upside down and on the wrong places
    shadows are wrong and bugged

    DX 11 Errors
    Obolete values

    1. bro if you actually don’t like turkish mods remember that there is no one who makes mods other than Turks

    2. sorry you are right this mod is sucks

  2. RockyBalboa12

    eigendlich ein schöner mod, aber zu viele spiegelungen , das fenster sieht man kaum wenns geöffnet.der linke spiegel ist falsch ausgerichtet.keine rückfahr kamera und keine positionsleuchten

  3. If somebody really paid 25 € for this piece of garbage they must feel like a total ##### right now.

  4. Windows don’t correctly have raindrops on them 🙁

  5. Guys report it

    1. No, it need to be free with new updates!

  6. oğlum bu paralı mod değil miydi la

  7. guest28145

    I tried to download the mod but instead it redirected me to a website called “bestgear” and the redirect link was pretty suspicious. I don’t recommend downloading this since I also as far as I know this is a paid mod and shouldn’t be here, report this!

  8. Ich habe den Mod heruntergeladen, aber der Mod hat nicht funktioniert, es gab jedes Mal einen Fehler, wenn ich das Spiel öffnete Wurde dieser Mod nicht bezahlt, warum wird er hier kostenlos verkauft?

    1. seth_haveron

      und jetzt das ganze noch mal mit irgendeinem Sinn ….

  9. bu mod paralımı sımdı aq ben ındırdım normal

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