Ford Transit MK6

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works on 1.31 and 1.32
all dealers

model from asetto corsa
convert by trzpro



20 Responses to Ford Transit MK6

  1. PTibor says:

    Nice! Can make ford fiesta mk6? 🙂

    • PTibor says:

      or focus mk1? thanks! (Please reply)

      • JoachimK says:

        Or finally a TRUCK
        This is ETS2, not NFS…

        • SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

          But also truckers have a car 🙂

          • Scaniaman2006 R620 says:

            yep. dont see a trucker sleep in his truck at the yard every night 😀

        • BT says:

          Stop your moaning about cars being in ETS2. Simply don’t download them if you don’t want them in.

          Other ppl will like them in.

        • 4fun says:

          @Joachim your mods suck but you dont see anyone complaining. Stfu and let people decide what they want to use or not.

        • Trucker_Schmitt says:

          Your constantly complaining regarding cars is really boring.
          And you forget to mention these two nice add-ons to ets2:
          – 1st Motorcycle Traffic Packs by Jazzycat
          – 2nd Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac
          both I see as a real enrichment for the whole simulation.
          And you?
          Let the people have their big fun with all this – same as I do.
          And you?
          hahahaaa, have much fun…………

  2. RiflerGamer says:

    Test on 1.31:

  3. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    Very nice mod, video test here 😀

  4. Squirrel says:

    This has to be the best mod ever to come out for ets2 i can’t wait to use it well done 10/10

  5. MATIZ says:

    Nice mod! Video test:

  6. M1A1 says:

    Could you make the rpm up to 4,500?

  7. Polaczek3 says:

    Please make New Ford Transit 🙂

  8. Squirrel says:

    @trzpro can you unlock the file so we can make our own liverys/paintjobs or even a new scs file to allow us to make our own paintjobs/liverys

  9. Germany583 says:

    Nice Mod , thank you , i love this car 🙂

  10. bangladesh says:


  11. umut says:

    mod çok güzel birde transporter modu yaparsanız çok güzel olur

  12. trucker_schmitt says:

    @trzpro – What the hell have you uploaded here?
    At a first sight this van looks nice – but in game, after I have activated in mod-manager and have bought this shitty car, I noted the following:
    – The headlights are yellow, no problem so far, but problem is that the whole ai-traffic cars suddenly have yellow headlights – grounded in your wrong programming.
    Next is the windscreen wipers: They not only wipe badly, they seem to rotate – I have never seen such idiotic wipers.
    Next is the trailers, which are offered in jobs. There are special little trailers and camping trailers, which can been coupled with this van. Really?
    If you are coupling such trailer, then it runs several meters behind the van. Oh ####, What a mess. But you have not noted that, too?
    For to have a clean saving game I followed the right way:
    1st I sold that lousy van,
    2nd I saved the game and after that I went into the mod manager, where I deactivated that mod.
    3rd I deleted it from my mod folder.
    I started the game again. In the loading screen the game is crashing now and everytime again if I try to load it.
    So its clear, after hours of driving and earning money I see my whole profile destroyed now.
    What #### have you programmed (written) that the whole profile with game savings is destroyed now, just by deactivating your ‘mod’ ???
    ####-uploaders like you should be banned here on this website!
    Have you got it?

  13. Swix says:

    can you made trailer for this car?

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