FPS Easy

FPS easy for low end pc’s

*NOTE* All this “mod” does is change graphic settings.



8 thoughts on “FPS Easy

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Everyone can do it for his own ^^

  2. Another s^h^i^t !!! No mod only modified graphic settings in the config.cfg file !!!!

    1. ETS2MODS1232

      pls read my description before commenting. I did say thats all it does

  3. 1.30version please!!!

  4. Cum dezinstalez modul?

    1. Scania 445

      Stergi fisierul Config.Cfg. După o sa il ai pe cel Default

  5. headlights wont work 🙁

  6. Mohaned Maghraby

    very good mod with my low pc
    BUT …

    my only problem is the truck lights on the night ( my truck lights is on and high beam also is on .. but on the road, there is no any reflection of the light ) .

    its look like i turning my light off …

    can you please help me with that ?

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