Free camera mod

Activation of the game by pressing — 0 —
Moving truck to the designated place — F9 —

Tested: 1.26



9 thoughts on “Free camera mod

  1. RayenGaming

    how to use this camera pls ?

    1. press “0”

  2. Isto é MOD ??? hahaha, você me faz rir.

  3. Legendskills

    You know this is already in the game right?
    Its called developer cam…
    Change it in the config

  4. why need a mod for something which is already ingame? that’s ridiculous.
    edit config.cfg and change uset g_developer “0” to “1” and uset g_console “0” to “1”. that’s it. ingame use “0” (NOT numblock “0”) for entering flycam.

  5. Just for clarity:
    Go to the Documents folder / My Documents / ETS2
    and open “config.cfg“, with text editor.
    Change “uset g_developer” and
    “uset g_console” from “0” to “1“.

    The speed of the camera:
    “uset_g_flyspeed” 100.0 ” or some good for you, save it, done!

    In the game press the “0” for free camera, then press and hold right mouse button and the arrow keys 8,4,5,6 in the numeric pad on the keyboard.
    Moving truck to the designated place “F9”.

  6. why would you download this when you can just go to game files and change 2 numbers in that and it also gives you a script to type stuff so you can change date and time and other stuff

  7. I need help .. pls guys . After instalation my game crash and i dont know why .. pls help me. Im using medium graphics and i must use highest graphics or what .. pls help me -_-

  8. JMpower85

    Please, Update 1.27
    F9 is disabled

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