Free Fuel


By 27C

if you have any mod ideas we are ready to make it as real mod.



13 thoughts on “Free Fuel

  1. ben bosman


    1. Yes, forget this “Mod”. ?

      1. Really why you cant stop doing this, go and make better mods if you can do this -_-

        1. Of course, we can. But you have first to learn.
          Otherwise, we have a perfect Mod to change this. LOL

          1. Just add logo on trailer doesn’t mean you are expert 🙂 Stop spamming like 2 years old baby.

  2. Hello. I’d like a (curtain) mod with only a little dirt, impact, or crushed mosquito on the corner of the windshield wich seem too clear to be realistic.

    1. Nice idea . I know some modders already made this .
      Check this mod :
      If you want with some addons contact me

  3. Deepak Sharma

    I Have an Idea – Make a mod which makes the driver to get stopped by Police in between Roads (Suspicious Activity/Crashing Police Vehicle or any other vehicle around Police). Make it of 3 stage –
    Stage 1 – Warning! Siren and police dont try to overtake us. We have 20 seconds to stop otherwise Stage 2 will appear. This stage doesnt give us any negative penalty.
    Stage 2 – Negative Penalty ( less % xp,Fuel/Toll charge increase/Ferries unavailable)
    Stage 3 – Negative penalty stays for 7 days(Company Offers less rewards/Stopping bypolice happens 3-4 times in a single day)

    1. Nice idea but I can’t make this , maybe one day better mod creators will make this.

      1. Hey, can u make a long road like 30km or more or make a racetrack just for fun and giggles. Thank you!

  4. Данаил

    Направете новия мерцедес актрос

  5. Can we have, please, the stopwiththisshit mod? Thank you!

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