Freightliner Argosy


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You can find this Truck in Volvo dealer Trucks

Authors: Jon_ruda, Sergej Baltazar


16 thoughts on “Freightliner Argosy

  1. Sevandres

    Truck is great, unless you’re driving is done with the interior view. The windshield reflects (Kind of like a visor would) ever so slightly, but enough for you to notice if the lighting is just right. Along with that, the cab seems a little too dark.

    Other then that, the truck is fine. Sounds are default, curtains and flags are optional, and the truck looks great all around.

    1. Sevandres

      Oh, it works for 1.10, by the way. No crashes to report.

  2. Highway_Au

    These trucks are #### boxes in real life, some one make a 4800 western star. You guys have some real talent and hate seeing it wasted

    1. Delta_880

      or a Ford LTL-9000,Kenworth W925, Peterbilt 281, or something else

  3. Good truck! But it has some issues, example: wiper does not work. I’m sure the problems will be solved. Liked this truck.

  4. I don’t mean to offend,but why are some american trucks made in the russian or european variation?Doesn’t that kind of take away from the origins? At least someone make a truck that is truly american…

  5. VelesM198

    My guess would be that this game is better known in Europe and eastern Europe more than it is in USA, so people work with what they know 🙂 (Captain Obvious to the rescue :))

  6. @dr_jaymz

    looks nice but it crashes 4 when im buying it… thanks anyway

  7. Looks good. But I suggest to add it to the Majestics dealer – since Freightliner belongs to the Mercedes company.

  8. This mod is not good.. driving is terrible.. It bumps and has a damage whenever it brakes on… what did you do in your ugry mod?

  9. Snake20082

    These trucks are designed to haul moving trailers. Large moving companies order these in North America to get into residential streets and alleyways to unload. I think they can be a useful piece of equipment along with the other manufactures variants.

  10. At last. The ARGOSY has arrived.
    Thank you very much. I’ve been waiting very long for this mod.

    Truck needs a bit more attention and a proper sound from Kriechbaum but so far so good. Looking forward to see updates of this mod.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. I guess we’ll not see an update for this awesome truck. :-<

  12. Hi,
    works fine so far for me under v1.12. But unfortunately the wipers don´t wipe off the rain from the windshield. Hope that will be fixed soon! thanks.

  13. monkey_face

    could we plase get a file hosting site that actually ALLOWS us to download. 98% of file never complete downloading

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