Freightlines Freightliner FLB Skin Combo


I recently made a Freightlines skin pack for the Kenworth K100, but since patch 1.22.2 the truck has been unusable so I’ve remade these skins for the Freightliner FLB since it is the closest truck we have to a Kenworth K100 at the moment.

Please enjoy and drive safe.

Freightlines Freightliner FLB skin combo by L’dub.
Trailer Template by Matdom1988.
Truck Template by odd_fellow.



2 Responses to Freightlines Freightliner FLB Skin Combo

  1. Thalios says:

    The archive, the folder and the .scs file specify this is for the K100, and not the FLB truck. Wrong mod, link or did you just forget to rename the whole thing?

    • L'dub says:

      I have just downloaded this mod and tested it and everything is labeled correctly as for the Freightliner FLB and not the K100. I’m not sure why you would have seen any different?

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