Frosty Late/Early Winter Weather v 4.1

Frosty-Late-Early-Winter-Weather-v-4.1-1 Frosty-Late-Early-Winter-Weather-v-4.1-2

This mod simulates an early or late cold snap covering the landscape in a light snow or frost.

Also includes:
– Snow instead of rain
– No thunder and lightning
– 07:00 to 19:00 daylight hours
– Lighting optimised for frosty landscape

No physics mod has been applied so the trucks will drive as normal.
Works with Promods, TSM, Rus Map, MHA, Eastern Express, Hungary Map and others.
It is strongly recommended that you disable other weather and lighting mods.

Author: Grimes


11 thoughts on “Frosty Late/Early Winter Weather v 4.1

  1. I have a flashing yellow light inside T800 cabin. No others weather mods activated.

  2. LazMohawk

    Thanks…looking great !!

  3. Thanks Grimes!

  4. Does this version still have that big yellow (SUN?) thing in the sky around midnight? 😀 I don’t want to download this, if nothing’s changed/fixed since 4.0 version?

  5. When I apply the mod and click on continue to game the whole game just crashes pls help.Pancake

    1. Happens to me as well.

    2. It’s because you’re using either 1.17 or 1.18

      1. Ok. God to know! Hope this mod will adjusted to 1.18 because its an awesome mod!!

  6. Can you pleas make it work for 1.18???

  7. So what version is it for?

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