Fuel Prices (3$+ per Gallon)

You like current price of gas? why not to look a bit futuristic and try ,,Fuel Prices from the Future” (tho not so distant future..)

Challange – Can you make profit with these prices of gas?

Country Price per Galon

Austria 3.35
Belgium 3.5
Czech 3.39
Denmark 3.43
France 3.70 (avoid re-fueling in France ;D)
Germany 3.46
Hungary 3.42
Italy 3.48
Luxembourg 3.18
Netherlands 3.43
Norway 3.68
Poland 3.22
Slovakia 3.35
Sweden 3.60
Switzerland 3.55
United Kingdom 3.59

Tested on 1.26 version, enjoy



2 thoughts on “Fuel Prices (3$+ per Gallon)

  1. EvgenKo423

    ATS mods are going here, dude: http://atsmods.lt/

    1. EvgenKo423

      My bad, but it’s actually euro/liter.

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